Absence of perception
Not evaluation of a certain factor that attributes to it score 0
vertices of the triangle of polarities divided into Action, Connection and Knowledge.
Opening of dimensions and mapping objective varying from score 1 to score 5
Individual feedforward
Tips with positive aspects that propels the individual to hone their factors in pursuit of maximum score.
Institutional feedforward
Tips with positive aspects that drives the organization to hone its factors in the pursuit of maximum score.
Defined as a process where individuals receive various stimuli, organize their impressions, interpret them in some way, give meaning to the environment, and often transform it into guides to behavior.
Digital Perception Mapping Platform
Question mobilizing
What were the contributions of the individual so that the business results were achieved?
Right of Use of psit
Period that the organization as well as its previously registered collaborators have the right to use the platform either in the base APP or WEB
Ranging from 1 to 5
To psit verb
Act of recording perceptions about the contribution of people in the work environment.
Triangle of Polarities
Representative figure that distributes the 3 Dimensions generating in full power the 4th dimension or High Performance.
4th Dimension
High Performance state that directs the team to obtain maximum results.