PSIT Benefits

PSIT is a mapping digital platform that register positive perceptions from others about you, and returns, beyond numerical averages, a set of feefforward that allows individual to have immediate route corrections about his attitudes and behaviors. It has, as essence, making the individual development lighter, more dynamic and more mature. PSIT releases the company the responsibility of keeping providing development programs once, by the continuous feedfoward offered, partially transfer to the individual his self-development professional process.

Due to its anonymous process, it removes out the corporatism perspective once it is not possible to know from whom the registers came from.

All results are personal and just visualized by the individual, this appoints him as unique and exclusively responsible for his development supported by the feedforward received.

The concept removes the term Evaluation and incorporates the term Mapping of Perception that, together with a system of gaps, drive individual to high performance position shows evolution to the next stage.

The individual spontaneously access his perception mapping results checking, by each factor score, in which level he is contributing towards outstanding business results.

PSIT runs at APP to the employees and is complemented by a Web-page to organization and leadership. The Web-page offers the possibility to elaborate divers reports filtering the population by business units, department, function, gender and even period of time. The management reports and their respective management feedfoward drive organization to achieve maximum results.

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Where PSIT is?

PSIT is available in the App Store and Google Play Store and could be downloaded by all employees named by the company as integrant on the project

After registration, it will be allowed to access the platform itself, the base of people who’ll take part on the process and finally, to register positive perceptions, also known as to Psit, and the act of read results which include average scores and feedfward. Participants registered by the company will have the option of participate or not (do not Psit or do not be Psited).